侯爵系列为整个社区的利益带来了智力和文化上丰富的表演和演示到科校园. 几十年来, 该系列活动曾邀请过全国知名的演讲者, 音乐家, 舞者, 电影制作人, 戏剧和喜剧剧团, 在科的校园里还有更多. The series was created by a gift from the estate of Sarah Marquis in honor of her father, Dr. 约翰一. Marquis, who was president of Coe College from 1909-1920.  

Individual tickets to each 侯爵系列 event are available at no charge to Coe students, 教职员及职员. 门票为普通市民15美元,老年人(55岁及以上)和非coe学生(18岁及以下)10美元。. 票 for 侯爵系列 events may be obtained by clicking here or by visiting or calling the Coe College 票房 at 319.399.8600(星期一至五上午十一时至晚上七时). 票 are also available at the door in Sinclair学院礼堂 on the night of each event.

有关该系列的查询,请联系 marquisseries@lacocinadepaulino.com



7:00 PM

Post Secret的创建者弗兰克·沃伦(Frank Warren)向世界介绍了一系列来自世界各地的匿名邮寄的高度个性化、装饰巧妙的明信片. What started as a community arts project exploded in popularity; since Post Secret’s inception in 2004, Warren has received over one million anonymous secrets on homemade postcards. 沃伦的项目已经筹集了超过1美元,000,000美元用于预防自杀, earning him the Mental Health Advocacy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. 秘密明信片曾在纽约现代艺术博物馆和史密森国家邮政博物馆展出. Warren engages audiences with inspiring and funny stories behind the secrets, discusses the Post Secret blog and how it led him to make suicide awareness part of his life’s work, and demonstrates that through our secret struggles and adversity, JBO体育平台首页可以帮助别人.


NOBUNTU_151_(c)Tswarelo Mothobe拷贝.jpg

7:00 PM

Nobuntu, 来自津巴布韦的女性无伴奏五重奏, 从传统的津巴布韦歌曲到非洲爵士乐再到福音音乐,其创造性的表演赢得了国际赞誉. 该乐团的音乐会都是用纯声演奏的, 辅以极简主义的打击乐器, traditional instruments such as the Mbira (thumb piano) and organic authentic dance movements. The word Nobuntu is an African concept that values humbleness, 爱, 女人眼中的团结和家庭. 该乐团代表了新一代年轻的非洲女歌手,她们颂扬并保护自己的文化, 美, 通过艺术传承. The ensemble’s mission is the belief that music can be an important vehicle for change, 种族的:超越种族的, 部落, 宗教, 性别和经济界限.

 LaDuke W-照片.jpeg

Native American Activist, Environmentalist, and Former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate

7:00 PM 

薇诺娜•拉杜克(威诺娜LaDuke)是哈佛毕业的经济学家, 环保主义者, 作者, 麻的农民, grandmother and a two-time former Green Party Vice President candidate with Ralph Nader. 拉杜克专注于农村发展, 经济, 粮食和能源主权以及环境正义. Living and working on the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota, 她领导着几个组织,包括“尊重地球”(28年前与靛蓝女孩联合创立), Anishinaabe农业研究所, Akiing和Winona的大麻. 这些组织利用可再生能源和可持续粮食系统制定和示范以文化为基础的可持续发展战略. She is also an international thought leader and lecturer in climate justice, 可再生能源和环境正义, 此外,他还倡导保护本土植物和传统食品免受专利和基因工程的侵害. 她写了七本书,包括, 找回神圣, JBO体育平台首页所有的关系, 最后站着的女人, 薇诺娜·拉杜克编年史和她的最新作品, To Be A Water Protector: The Rise of the Wiindigo Slayers.

Dr. 坦普尔·格兰丁,《JBO体育平台首页》
7:00 PM

葛兰汀.jpgDr. 葛兰汀 is a prominent animal behavior scientist and autism advocate. 他是著名的动物行为学教授和JBO体育平台首页,对畜牧业做出了重要贡献, 格兰丁还广泛地谈论过她的自闭症经历和她“用图片思考”的能力.她指出,虽然有些人擅长艺术, 擅长数学的人, 还有人擅长写作, she is an extreme visual thinker for whom words narrate the pictures in her imagination. 在这次演讲中, Grandin will discuss varied types of thinking and why the world needs diverse thinkers. She makes the case that the world needs the thinking of those on the autism spectrum, 包括视觉, 模式, 语言思考者. 不同的头脑有相互补充的技能,世界需要各种各样的头脑来解决复杂的问题.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

7:00 PM

曼迪哈维.jpg曼迪哈维 is an American jazz singer and songwriter; she is also deaf. While pursuing a vocal music education major at Colorado State University, Harvey lost her residual hearing at age 18 due to a neurological disorder. She left the program and pursued other career options but soon returned to music. Harvey quickly became a regular performer at venues in Fort Collins and Denver, 包括一些世界顶级的爵士场馆. Her first album, "Smile," was released to widespread praise in 2009. 从那时起, she has released additional critically acclaimed albums: "After You’ve Gone" (2010), 《JBO体育平台首页》(All of Me, 2014), 《JBO体育平台首页》(2019)和《JBO体育平台首页》(2021). 她是隐形残疾人协会2015年灵感奖的得主,也是2017年“美国达人秀”第12季的选手。. Though her hearing loss is profound, Harvey’s timing, pitch and passion are perfect. Join Harvey and her full band in sensing the rhythm during this exciting musical performance.

7:00 PM

疯狂河剧院.jpg《JBO体育平台首页》是疯河剧团创作的美国历史剧系列的最新作品. 通过原创歌曲和音乐, 该剧探讨了民权运动中最关键事件之一背后勇敢无畏的人物. 故事发生在1961年, 15 years after the United States Supreme Court had outlawed segregation, 整个南方的公交线路和城市仍然执行着严格的黑人和白人公民隔离制度. 自由乘车者, a group of black and white Americans from both the North and the South, decided to travel together on buses that crossed state lines, 尽管可恶的种族隔离和种族主义在美国许多地方根深蒂固. “自由乘车者”描绘了这一事件背后令人难忘的英雄,并展示了共同努力影响变革的重要性.


莎拉·麦肯齐莎拉·麦肯齐 is an internationally celebrated jazz vocalist, pianist and composer.  Originally from Australia, McKenzie now resides in the U.S. and tours internationally, with recent performances in France, Brazil, Korea and Japan.  麦肯齐以其为21世纪观众诠释20世纪爵士乐标准的才华而闻名. 随着专辑《JBO体育平台首页》(2017)和《JBO体育平台首页》(2019)的成功,她的全球粉丝成倍增加。.  During her performance at Coe, McKenzie will perform selections from "Secrets of My Heart."

7:00 PM

麦当娜雷鹰爆头.jpg麦当娜雷鹰, 奥赫南帕·拉科塔, 从恶魔岛到1973年的伤膝岛,再到最近在Standing Rock举行的NODAPL(达科他输油管道)抗议,每一个现代美国原住民占领的老兵. 为原住民的反抗和主权呐喊, 雷鹰在美国各地都有演讲, 中美洲, Europe and the Middle East and served as a delegate to the United Nations in Geneva. 过去三十年在夏安河畔的家中, she has been restoring self-determination to reservation life. 纪录片《JBO体育平台首页》讲述了雷鹰一生为土著解放而战的故事,以及她所激励的几代活动家的故事. 本次活动将放映《JBO体育平台首页》,并在电影结束后与雷霆鹰进行评论和讨论.

《JBO体育》卷. 59
7:00 PM

第二城市照片.jpgWhen The Second City opened its doors in Chicago in 1959, a comedy revolution began. Some of the biggest names in comedy — from Steve Carell, 基根-迈克尔·基和斯蒂芬·科尔伯特致蒂娜·菲, Chris Farley and Mike Myers — began their careers at The Second City, 它的印记遍布电影, 电视及其他领域. The Second City is celebrating 60 years of producing cutting-edge satirical revues with “Greatest Hits, 卷. 59.在最新的讽刺剧里, 你将看到下一代喜剧巨星对这家传奇喜剧公司最热门的作品进行演绎, 为今天重新启动和想象. 新鲜的, 速度快,而且总是非常有趣, 小品喜剧, original songs and world-famous improv of The Second City will leave you rolling in the aisles.

7:00 PM

特蕾莎修女沃尔特斯奥地利国家电视台和《JBO体育平台首页》称她为“世界上最重要的钢琴家之一”和“国际钢琴第一夫人”,“特蕾莎·沃尔特斯在当今国际舞台上迷人的表演赢得了全世界的赞誉. 她曾在六大洲和美国50个州的大部分地区作为独奏家和管弦乐独奏者演出. 她是第一位受邀在布达佩斯弗朗茨·李斯特学院和博物馆演出的美国钢琴家. 美国中西部人美国中西部人, 沃尔特斯在皮博迪音乐学院获得了博士学位,成年后的大部分时间都生活在纽约地区. This year she is touring internationally with her acclaimed program “Celebrating Our World,” honoring the world’s shared heritage and common humanity.

7:30 Eby Fieldhouse

非洲风格太阳马戏团的表演者非洲风格太阳马戏团的表演者 described as an African-style Cirque du Soleil, 祖玛马戏团的每一场表演都有不间断的动作和令人难以置信的特色,让观众目不暇接.

Comprised of 120 uniquely talented individuals from across 16 African nations, 不间断的, 精彩纷呈的祖玛表演由出色的马戏团杂技演员组成,他们在北美黄金时段的电视节目《JBO体育平台首页》中首次亮相. You'll see African acrobats, jugglers, vocalists and comedy, plus the Limbo and Lion dances.

The cirque spectacle is wrapped in a colorfully costumed troupe of talented artists, 包括南非歌手, 胶靴舞者和柔术演员, 津巴布韦敲击乐, 埃及limbo舞者, 加蓬的玻璃杯, 令人惊叹的钢管表演和更多.